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Funding Fundamentals  :  Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing
Funding Your New Orders

Promotional Capital's Purchase Order Financing advances the funds that may be required up-front to pay suppliers for your new orders. Although we offer purchase order financing to select businesses, our unique service provides a solution to a fundamental dilemma facing many businesses today. Our purchase order financing for promotional product companies is very unique as our minimum order value is only $1,000, and there is virtually no limit to the order size. Now you can take advantage of placing both very large and smaller orders with your suppliers without any capital constraints to fulfill. The combination of Purchase Order and Invoice Financing should resolve all of your working capital issues now and as you grow your business.

  • Purchase Order Financing - Immediate Cash to Fund Your Orders
    Promotional Capital can provide the necessary up-front funds that may be required from time to time to pay your suppliers for new orders. Upon receipt of goods by your customer and submission of an invoice, our Accounts Receivable Factoring will provide funding to make both the up-front and final payments due to your supplier and, provide you the excess cash for your profit and working capital.
  • "We provide immediate cash funding to finance new orders and the eventual invoices to your clients."
    Run Your Business Your Way
    Unlike many other industry financing alternatives, you keep running your business just as you do now. You maintain your independence and your brand. You continue to own 100% equity and complete control of your business.

    You will send your purchase orders from your system to your supplier. Likewise you will send invoices to your clients on your billhead. You service your customers in your own unique style... we do not interfere with your operations in any way whatsoever.

    Promotional Capital provides the financial resources necessary to help fund your business. Period.
  • We Are Not a Franchise
    Promotional Capital is a financing business. We do not have a franchise network and we are not a distributor. We are a finance business providing immediate cash funding for your new orders and the eventual invoices to your clients.
  • We Are Not a Bank
    We base our funding decisions primarily on the credit worthiness of your customers, not on you or your business.
  • No Ongoing Fees
    There are no monthly or ongoing services fees with Promotional Capital.
  • Accounts Receivable Factoring Services
    All new orders will eventually become invoices. Promotional Capital will then purchase these accounts receivables and provide you immediate cash. So now instead of waiting another 30-60-90 days for your clients to pay, you get immediate cash needed for you to operate and grow your business.

    Promotional Capital also provides credit, collection and accounts receivables management services. (***See our Funding Services and Benefits Sections.)

Let Promotional Capital provide you with your total financing solution!

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