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Business Loans

Through our funding partners, Promotional Capital can facilitate short term unsecured business loans as a standalone credit facility or in conjunction with your factoring facility with us. This can be very helpful if you are in need of an infusion of cash as working capital but lack collateral to support the funding need. Often this type of loan can also be subordinated to a senior credit facility through a bank or other finance company.

There are Numerous Benefits to Receiving a Business Loan:

  • Growth capital to a take advantages of new opportunities
  • Finance large order opportunities
  • Purchase needed capital equipment or technology to improve your business
  • Working Capital to help smooth out different cash flow cycles in your business
  • Capital to grow your business

Receiving a business loan is quick and easy. ou can get approval within 48-72 hours and funding within 24 hours.

Complete application and provide Promotional Capital 4-6 month of bank statements.

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